Global Learning Programme

Starting RRSA: Part 2, Glastonbury

22 Nov 2017 | Glastonbury
Start: 10:00 , end: 16:00
Provider: UNICEF UK
Cost £: 140 credits per person
Aims of the course:

This course builds on the work done in Part 1. Delegates will explore ways of developing an ethos of mutual respect for rights, consider participation rights and discover practical ways to meet the RRSA standards to be ready for assessment at Level 1.

Expected outcomes of the course:

Encourages the exploration of one’s own values and their wider social relevance Knowledge of people and citizenship Ability to challenge own and others’ perspectives and stereotypes Considering respect in relation to global knowledge

Embedding global learning in your teaching:

This course will support teachers to develop a whole-school approach to global learning underpinned by the UNCRC. It particularly focuses on pupil and staff values and attitudes; pupil participation.and evaluating progress towards a rights-respecting vision and ethos.

Course aimed at:

KS2 and KS3

Curriculum subjects explored in this course:

Citizenship, PSHE

Content focus:

Development of whole school ethos; Pupil behaviour and values; School awards (e.g. Fair Trade School, RSSA, ISA etc.)



Maximum of participants:


Ratio of participants : trainers:


Trainer details:

Martin Russell

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