Global Learning Programme

Philosophy for Children (P4C) SAPERE Level 1 Accredited 2 Day Training Course (8th & 22nd March 2017)

08 Mar 2017 - 22 Mar 2017 | Hastings
Start: 09:00 , end: 16:30
Provider: 18 Hours Events and Education
Cost £: 250 credits per person
Aims of the course:

This two day course is designed to equip educators with the skills and confidence to develop students' thinking skills, explore challenging subject matter and further their understanding of global citizenship through philosophical enquiry.

Expected outcomes of the course:

Teachers will have an increased awareness and understanding of P4C and how it relates to some of the key concepts in global development such as poverty, inequality, globalization, conflict, power and environment. Teachers will have considered how P4C develops the skills and values / dispositions needed for global learning and be able to use P4C as an approach to exploring complex and often controversial global issues with their pupils, enabling them to make up their own minds about what to think and do.

Embedding global learning in your teaching:

P4C is a powerful methodology for developing pupils' thinking skills and exploring challenging subject matter. This course will enable teachers to identify where global learning links to their curriculum and how to deepen understanding of global issues using an approach that supports the moral development, enquiry and discussion skills of pupils.

Course aimed at:

KS2 and KS3

Curriculum subjects explored in this course:

English, Science, Geography, History, Citizenship, PSHE

Content focus:

Curriculum development; Teaching and learning; Leadership and management; Development of whole school ethos; Pupil leadership; Pupil behaviour and values



Maximum of participants:


Ratio of participants : trainers:


Trainer details:

Dr Flick Dunkley is a registered SAPERE Trainer, has been a trainer in global learning since January 2005 and has delivered more than 20 P4C courses. She has also delivered many other global learning courses including the Global Teachers Award

Other information:

The course includes Sapere accreditation* and handbook. Lunch and refreshments provided. *To achieve level 1 accreditation, participants need to facilitate one enquiry with a class of children and give a brief account of what they did and how they felt it went. They will be sent a form to fill in by Sapere after the course. Please note that this is a 2 day course that will run on the 8th and 22nd March 2017

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