Global Learning Programme

Surya's Story at St Aldhelm's Academy

21 Sep 2017 | Poole, Dorset
Start: 09:00 , end: 05:30
Provider: Surya Arts
Cost £: 500 credits per school
Aims of the course:

To demonstrate how arts can; raise awareness of children's working conditions globally reflect on the pressure the West puts on developing countries to produces materials and produce at a low prices to encourage people to think about their responsibilities as consumers to provide a positive role model of both Asians and men in a still largely mono- cultural area, where dance can still be regarded with suspicion by boys to give young people exciting, high quality live theatre and rich educational experiences to promote human rights, UN Rights of the Child, the new Every Child Matters Agenda and the Citizenship Curriculum to enable young people to learn directly about life in the Indian subcontinent from someone who works in the tea fields to develop understanding of our environment and our responsibilities to it through the concept of stewardship with reference to Agenda 21 (1992 UN Earth Summit) to give young people a voice to question and challenge and make choices

Expected outcomes of the course:

Teachers will understand how they can develop the work of Surya’s Story a theatre in education piece about the Rights of the Child and Fair trade .To enable teachers to undertake cross curriculum work such as investigating the Rights of the Child – looking into how to become a Rights Respecting School or Fair Trade School in a creative form. Teachers will be able to have confidence to deliver creative writing and drama work about how it might feel for children who are working in difficult situations around the world, including the UK. Surya’s Story is a way to stimulate writing for a purpose, as young people are encouraged to write letters to companies and their local MPs.

Embedding global learning in your teaching:

Teachers will be enabled to use drama in the classroom to engage young people in issues concerning global learning and developing creative thinking. Teachers will be encouraged to use story confidently. They will have the opportunity to learn drama techniques including Still Image, Hot Seating, Thought Tracking to encourage empathy, speaking aloud. The Twilight course will explore the main aspects of interactive Theatre in Education piece Surya’s Story, how these themes can be extended into classroom work such as creating assemblies, using the story to explore human rights. Understanding what it is to be a Global citizen. It will offer teachers pathways into creative writing demonstrating how fiction can be used to encourage discussion, speaking aloud. Surya’s Story will support teachers in explaining basic world economics. Teacher will be given informed choices about Fairtrade to encourage pupils in become Global stewards. Teacher’s pack

Course aimed at:

KS2 and KS3

Curriculum subjects explored in this course:

English, Geography, RS / RE, Citizenship, PSHE, Music, Drama

Content focus:

Curriculum development; Development of whole school ethos; School awards (e.g. Fair Trade School, RSSA, ISA etc.)


Workshop, Twilight

Maximum of participants:


Ratio of participants : trainers:


Trainer details:

Twilight Course: Sharon Muiruri MPhil Actor /facilitator for the (either at school or at a centre TBC ) Surya Story perfomance & workshops within school (x4 professional facilitators / artists ) To work with teachers and 180 students (90) in each session (each session x2 hours )

Other information:

DATES -FLEXIBLE Everyday 19th June up to 7th July We are very flexible and we are happy to talk through variations to fit in with your schools needs. The full package 1:A twilight Course 2. theatre-in-education:an interactive perfomance of 'Surya Story' .A story set in India about child labour - followed by breakout arts workshops - dance , drumming drama and banner making (x2 in school day ) 3.Teachers Pack

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