Global Learning Programme

Global Teacher Award Level 1 [Duplicated] [Duplicated]

06 Oct 2017 |
Start: 09:30 , end: 15:30
Provider: Cornwall Association for Development Education (CADE)
Cost £: 150 credits per person
Aims of the course:

To introduce critical approaches to global teaching and learning at whole school and classroom level · To support teachers to help young people understand their position in an increasingly globalised world, to introduce them to global issues, and to foster attitudes and values appropriate to global citizenship

Expected outcomes of the course:

By the end of the course participants will: - have increased their awareness of, and their ability to critique, key concepts associated with global learning - be able to identify a range of different perspectives on development and globalisation and question the assumptions behind them - have enhanced their understanding of the approaches to learning which promote critical literacy and thinking - have reviewed practical ideas for connecting children with the wider world and be able to justify global learning as a central component in the curriculum - have increased confidence and understanding of how to promote informed, active global citizenship have tried out and evaluated a global learning activity in their school

Embedding global learning in your teaching:

The course focuses on how to embed global teaching and learning in the classroom and throughout the school. It includes both principles and practice for implementing a global dimension and promoting global citizenship. It requires participants to carry out a global learning activity in school and reflect on their experience.

Course aimed at:

KS2 and KS3

Curriculum subjects explored in this course:

Geography, History, RS / RE, Citizenship, PSHE

Content focus:

Teaching and learning; Leadership and management; Pupil behaviour and values



Maximum of participants:


Ratio of participants : trainers:

Max 12:1

Trainer details:

Tony Potterton Experienced in delivering Global Teacher Award with 9 courses run and 40 teachers accredited

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