Global Learning Programme

Association for Science Education Annual Conference

03 Jan 2018 - 06 Jan 2018 | Liverpool
Start: 09:30 , end: 16:30
Provider: Association for Science Education
Cost £: 220 credits per person
Aims of the course:

This conference offers over 350 workshops, delivered by teachers, policy makers and science education organisations from around the world. With a programme that covers all areas of science teaching and learning, participants can select a timetable that meets their professional development needs. There is a careful curated 'Education for Sustainable Development Pathway' through the Conference that enables participants to pursue their interest, develop their understanding and collect resources to support global learning.

Expected outcomes of the course:

Depending on the personal pathway chosen through the ASE Annual Conference, learning outcomes will vary. They might include: - Curriculum international exchange work on the topic of waste, - STEM cross-curricular teaching using air quality as the topic - Whole-school 'go green' programme to help students build valuable skills by leading projects and campaigns on themes such as energy saving, recycling, encouraging walking to school and creating a vegetable garden - Understanding how the UK and Earth's climate is changing and what can be done on a personal and collective level to reduce the drivers for this change - Using the topic of sustainable fishing in KS3 & KS4 science curricular - Discover a safe and accessible food security and microbiology class practical suitable for KS3 or KS4 - Access a multimedia resource about sustainability that uses songs and animation to deliver a fun scheme of work.

Embedding global learning in your teaching:

- Take part in Citizen Science projects - Connect with UK and international organisations offering free resources and ideas to embed Global Learning in their teaching of the science curriculum - Access suppliers of relevant teaching materials - Network with teachers from around the world to develop shared teaching approaches.

Course aimed at:

KS2 and KS3

Curriculum subjects explored in this course:


Content focus:

Curriculum development; Development of specific subject (i.e. Maths, English etc.) or curriculum area; Teaching and learning; Leadership and management; Development of whole school ethos; Pupil leadership; Helping schools work with the wider community



Maximum of participants:


Ratio of participants : trainers:


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