Global Learning Programme

SMSC For School Improvement: Developing Schools Through Global Learning

02 Feb 2018 | London
Start: 10:00 , end: 16:00
Provider: Think Global
Cost £: 170 credits per person
Aims of the course:

To develop teachers understanding of SMSC and global learning, and understand the ways in which these areas of education can be mutually supportive. To support teachers in understanding how to raise the the standards of teaching and learning in SMSC using global learning. To support teachers to understand national OFSTED expectations of SMSC. To develop teachers' ability to evidence the impact of SMSC and global learning.

Expected outcomes of the course:

Teachers will view global learning as a tool through which to develop SMSC education in their school. Teachers will be able to use global learning pedagogical approaches to support SMSC. Teachers will be able to use global learning resources to support SMSC. Teachers will understand key resources to access to support global learning and SMSC development in their schools e.g. the Global Learning Website, Global Dimensions Website. Teachers will have concrete examples of how to evidence SMSC and global learning impact.

Embedding global learning in your teaching:

It will enable teachers to use a range of global learning resources and pedagogy to support the development of SMSC at both classroom and whole school level. It will improve teachers confidence in linking global learning activities to SMSC development and evidencing the impact of this. It will support teachers to create a vision of what global learning should be for their individual school context.

Course aimed at:

KS2 and KS3

Curriculum subjects explored in this course:

Citizenship, PSHE, SMSC

Content focus:

Teaching and learning; Leadership and management; Development of whole school ethos; Pupil behaviour and values



Maximum of participants:


Ratio of participants : trainers:


Trainer details:

Catherine Richardson is a Programme Manager at Think Global, focussing on Think Global's skills work. She is a qualified secondary teacher and has worked as an Education Specialist in Uganda for the organisation PEAS.

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