Global Learning Programme

GLP Lead Practitioner Accreditation

Provider: SSAT
Cost £: 350 credits per person
Aims of the course:

The Global Learning Programme Lead Practitioner professional accreditation is a unique CPD opportunity, open to all who lead practice within their schools or colleges across England and Wales and is available for all those with expertise in GL/DE and a desire to make a difference to other practitioners within or across schools. The accreditation is an online programme, based on 10 key skills/criteria needed by leading practitioners in our schools within three areas: 1) Professional Knowledge; 2) Personal skills to work successfully with colleagues; and 3) Process and impact on others. To start the programme each individual complete their personal self assessment against these criteria. Then over time they develop short statements and collect evidence to support their self assessed levels. (More details is provided on this at the beginning of the programme).

Expected outcomes of the course:

The benefits for practitioners: 1) High quality status for high quality practitioners; 2) An opportunity for targeted professional development through a process that promotes iterative professional reflection and rigour, helping set development targets and identifying links to local and national support; and 3) National accreditation that recognises professional expertise in leading practice in GL/DE. The benefits for schools: Having a member of their team undertake the GLP LP accreditation as part of the programme provides schools with: 1) a framework and structure to drive forward GL/DE within school and across school networks; 2) a tool to focus and evidence the impact of work with others; 3) a quality mark of excellent practice and of the school’s commitment to professional global learning; 4)opportunities to engage with current regional, national and international developments through the wider network of the GLP; and 5) recognition of your school’s commitment to the GLP.

Embedding global learning in your teaching:

For the individual leading on Global Learning in their school it provides the opportunity for recognition of the impact of the work they are doing across their school and the opportunity to network with others and consolidate the best practice

Course aimed at:

KS2 and KS3

Content focus:

Teaching and learning; Leadership and management; Development of whole school ethos



Other information:

To purchase the GLP LP accreditation please visit the website here: If you wish to use e-credits then please ensure you have sufficient balance remaining. However you may also purchase the GLP LP accreditation directly if you have additional members of staff or insufficient e-credits left. Both options will be available on the online booking form.

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