Global Learning Programme

Keep the momentum going after Red Nose Day!

Make Red Nose Day (24 March) the first step of your global learning journey, and deepen your pupils’ knowledge of global issues with the GLP.

Red Nose Day is organised by Comic Relief, and encourages fundraising in schools to help people living tough lives across the UK and in other countries around the world. If you’re taking part in this initiative with your school on 24 March, have you considered how you could sustain this passion for making the world a better place?

The Global Learning Programme (GLP) aims to help schools promote greater awareness of poverty, and to move pupils from a charity mentality to a social justice mentality. The GLP social justice page presents a number of resources and background reading to understand social justice as a key issue for global development.

An Innovation Fund research paper by Jen Simpson (2016) investigates, explores and identifies successful ‘interventions’ to support teachers in a transformative move from a charity mentality to a social justice mentality.

Take a look at the GLP pages on poverty and development for resources to help you discuss these complex issues in more depth with your pupils.

Make global learning the ‘golden thread’ of your teaching!

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'The GLP is the most fantastic tool for supporting children to become more aware of the world around them and to develop their sense of self within it.’
Pippa Kober, Saxon Primary School, Surrey


*The GLP is funded by the UK government. All schools can join the programme, but funding is only available to Key Stages 2 and 3 in state schools in England.