Global Learning Programme

Mark World Malaria Day on 25 April

‘End malaria for good’ is the mission set by the World Health Organisation (WHO), calling on countries to improve access to life-saving prevention tools urgently. Take this opportunity to discuss interdependence with your pupils.

Deaths from malaria have fallen by 60% since 2000 – saving 6 million lives, most of them children. But in 2016 malaria still caused 429,000 deaths worldwide, and remains a major cause and consequence of poverty and inequality.

You can investigate malaria, and the challenge of controlling it in science and geography, with this resource brought to you by the Global Learning Programme (GLP):

Visit the GLP website for more curriculum-based resources for science and geography, and help your pupils develop their critical thinking skills around interdependence and health and sanitation.

The Global Dimension website lists a wide range of resources, including the Plan for Change: Malaria Toolkit (Key Stage 3) developed by Plan International.

WHO has developed a range of materials to mark World Malaria Day: you can download the 2017 infographic, take this quiz to test your own and pupils’ knowledge of malaria prevention,  check out this factsheet and much more on 

Learn more about the history of malaria with this interesting article.

A GLP Partner School, St Paul Girls’ School, London, discuss malaria in their school blog.

To understand some of the barriers to using anti-malaria nets, see this study from the Global Medicine Program and this article from the New York Times.

GLP-approved CPD

Our CPD Calendar offers a wide variety of courses, which you can filter to find CPD that meets your school’s needs.

You could attend the Global Science course delivered by Cumbria DEC on 6 June 2017, which looks at ways to encourage children to discuss critically and question scientific and technological advances in a fast-changing world. The course is targeted at teachers of KS1 and 2.

Below are flexible courses that can be booked at a date that suits you:

Cheshire DEC’s course ‘When disaster strikes’ aims to helps teachers understand different types of disaster, the impact they can have on people and what can be done to prepare for, and reduce, their impact.

Courses on global dates and weeks are a great way to sustain your global learning work throughout the year – see courses on this topic offered by Wiltshire Global Education Centre, Devon Development Education, Global Link DEC and many other providers.



*The GLP is funded by the UK government. All schools can join the programme, but funding is only available to Key Stages 2 and 3 in state schools in England.