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Explore gender equality on the World Day of Social Justice

20 February is the annual celebration of the World Day of Social Justice. Social justice brings together concepts of fairness, equality and human rights. A socially just society is one in which everyone has equal opportunities and is treated fairly, irrespective of class, wealth, gender or race. And in the centenary of the Women’s vote, why not take this opportunity to explore the global issues surrounding gender equality with your pupils? 

The Global Learning Programme (GLP) has provided this free resource to help you engage your pupils by teaching them about Global Goal 5 – Gender Equality. In 2015, the Global Goals, or Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), defined 17 goals to achieve by 2030, all of which are important and relevant to today’s world. Global Goal 5 aims to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

Containing activities targeted at Key Stages 2 and 3 that cover English, mathematics, geography, citizenship and PSHE, this resource will help to develop

You can access this free resource by logging in to your GLP account. If your school isn't one of the thousands of schools in England already registered for the GLP and benefiting from up to £500-worth of funding for CPD,* curriculum guidance and resources available, simply register your school today! Registration is free and takes just a few minutes.

If you’re not sure if the GLP, or global learning, is relevant to you and your school’s needs and priorities, please take a look at some of the examples of how global learning can bring tremendous value to teaching across the curriculum.

The GLP can also support teachers in addressing the topic of social justice through the range of resources and CPD courses on offer.

Additional resources and teaching ideas

One of the GLP aims is to enable teachers to move pupils from a charity mentality to a social justice mentality. The GLP social justice and gender webpages present a number of resources and background reading to help teachers and students to understand social justice and inequality as key issues for global development. You can find even more links to social justice resources from Oxfam, Gapminder, the Associations of Teachers of Mathematics, ActionAid and SAPERE via our news archive.

A GLP Innovation Fund research paper by Jen Simpson (2016) investigates, explores and identifies successful ‘interventions’ to support teachers in a transformative move from a charity mentality to a social justice mentality. It is accompanied by a grid to stimulate discussion and encourage critical thinking and reflection on your school's approach to teaching and learning about global issues. You could also develop this further with guidance and teaching ideas from the GLP to help pupils develop their enquiry and critical thinking skills.  

The Global Dimension website also offers a wide range of GLP-approved resources on the theme of social justice.

Case studies and background reading

GLP-approved CPD

You can use GLP fundingworth up to £500 to pay for attendance at a wide range of accredited CPD courses. Our CPD Calendar offers a variety of courses to help you incorporate global learning into your classes – including a 'More in common – schools, society, the world' course on 24 April in Cheshire. Here is a selection of ‘flexible’ courses (which can be arranged for a time that suits you) with a focus on social justice:

For flexible courses on critical thinking, CADE (Cornwall Association for Development Education) offers a workshop on promoting critical thinking in the classroom, and Lifeworlds Learning’s How we see the world – critical learning through images will support you in helping pupils develop their critical thinking skills by addressing the influence that images have over our values, attitudes and behaviour. Or you could attend the Introduction to Critical Skills (two twilights) by Little Chatters, to help you apply critical thinking skills to global learning.

* The GLP is funded by the UK government. All schools can join the programme, but funding is only available to Key Stages 2 and 3 in state schools in England. The deadline to book onto GLP-funded CPD* is 29 March 2018, and courses must be attended by 1 June 2018. The GLP in England (GLP-E) is managed by a consortium of partners: Pearson (lead), Geographical Association, UCL Institute of Education, Oxfam UK, Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), SSAT and Think Global.