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World Malaria Day: free resources to help your pupils investigate the challenges of malaria

This year’s theme for World Malaria Day (25 April) is ‘Ready to beat malaria’. This mission is set by the World Health Organisation (WHO), calling on countries to improve access to life-saving prevention tools urgently. Take this opportunity to discuss interdependence and Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3: health and well-being with your pupils.

Deaths from malaria have fallen by 60% since 2000 – saving 6 million lives, most of them children. But in 2016 malaria still caused 429,000 deaths worldwide – 90% of which are in Africa – and remains a major cause and consequence of poverty and inequality.

You can learn about the disease, and investigate the challenges of controlling it, with this resource brought to you by the Global Learning Programme (GLP) to support science and geography teaching:

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Visit the GLP website for more curriculum-based resources for science and geography, and help your pupils develop their critical thinking skills around interdependence and health and sanitation.

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