Global Learning Programme

Thinking of teaching about ‘British values’?

The Global Learning Programme (GLP) can support you to explore ‘British values’ in a global context.

Register your school to get free to access our ‘British values’ resource that can help you develop a strong set of shared values with your staff, pupils and your local community.

You can also access further resources on values including advice from subject associations and an overview of how the GLP can support schools to meet government requirements relating to SMSC, ‘British values’ and the Equalities Act.

Other useful teaching resources about values:

The GLP is helping teachers to deliver effective teaching and learning about development and global issues at Key Stages 2 and 3. The programme focuses on knowledge, skills and values, and can be approached from various starting points or lenses, so may well link to some work that is already happening in your school. The GLP virtual twilight films introduce many of the key themes covered through the programme. You can access these and even more free resources by logging into your GLP account or by registering your school for free.

A number of schools have had their global learning work highlighted positively in their Ofsted reports, and there are a number of criteria, particularly around SMSC, where global learning work can be used positively to show evidence of meeting the Ofsted inspection requirements

‘British values of tolerance, democracy and the rule of law are very well promoted by the school. Pupils’ social, moral and cultural development is actively promoted through debates, pupils’ participation in school council and opportunities to take on responsibilities, as well as through assemblies, personal and social development lessons, and the school’s “restorative justice” system. As a result, pupils fully understand the consequences of their actions; they discuss relevant subjects linked to local and world events, including extremism and radicalisation. They understand well the wide range of faiths and cultures found in modern Britain and advocate the need for tolerance and acceptance.’
Ofsted report for Berrymede Junior School, 2015 (Berrymede Junior School was a GLP Expert Centre in 2014−15).

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