Global Learning Programme

What does a Partner School do?

Partner Schools are at the heart of the Global Learning Programme. They are schools that have joined the programme as a means of engaging pupils and supporting school improvement. They have an interest in global learning, and use the programme to help their pupils gain a better knowledge and understanding of international development and of their role in a globally interdependent world. No previous knowledge or experience is required.

When registering as a GLP Partner School, you will need to appoint your own GLP Co-ordinator to lead your school’s global learning journey. Registration gives your school access to:

Our information packs can help you explain the value of being part of the GLP to your colleagues and SLT.

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Important: Partner schools must be state-funded Key Stage 2 and/or Key Stage 3 providers located in England in order to receive e-credit funding and to be counted for funding purposes. Key stage 1-only providers, Key stage 4-only providers and Independent schools can join the GLP but  need to be aware that they will not be eligible for funding, and Expert Centres will get no funding to support them.