Global Learning Programme

Become an Expert Centre

How to become an Expert Centre

If you are interested in leading a local GLP network by becoming an Expert Centre, please follow the three steps below. If you would like to talk or meet with a GLP Local Advisor, please email us at

  1. Please complete the free online registration form.

  2. Following registration, please complete the questions (which are predominantly multiple choice) in our online Whole School Audit. This can be completed in more than one sitting and you may wish to discuss your responses with colleagues.

  3. Finally, please complete the Expression of Interest form or email to express your wish to become an Expert Centre. More information on this can be found in our checklist.

Our team can help you with any stage of the application process. Please email if you have any queries. Alternatively, use our checklist to help you complete your application to become an Expert Centre and find out about the process that follows submission of your Expression of Interest form.