Global Learning Programme

GLP roles

What does a GLP Partner School do?

Schools that register for the GLP are classed as GLP Partner Schools. Many are schools that have joined the programme as a means of engaging pupils and working towards school improvement. They have an interest in global learning and will use support from the programme to help their pupils gain a better knowledge and understanding of international development and of their role in a globally interdependent world. No previous knowledge or experience is required. Read more about the role of a Partner School.

What does a GLP Expert Centre do? 

GLP Expert Centres are schools with a strong interest in global learning, experience of delivering it and a desire to become a local centre of best practice. As well as exemplifying global learning in their own school, their main role is to be the hub for a network of schools to provide leadership, support and development to help schools engage with global learning. Read more about the role of an Expert Centre.

Role of the Local Advisor 

The GLP Local Advisors support Expert Centres by leading them through a planning and review process to help them identify what they hope to achieve through the programme. This includes planning a timetable of engaging and progressive network CPD sessions and reflecting on the progress of the programme.  Read more about the role of a Local Advisor.

GLP glossary of terms has been developed to help you navigate the programme language.