Global Learning Programme

Pupil outcomes

GLP global learning pupil outcomes

To enable young people to have a thorough knowledge and understanding of global poverty and the ways in which it can be reduced, GLP schools need to support pupils to develop the following outcomes:

Within the GLP these are known as the global learning pupil outcomes.

The global learning pupil outcomes develop these into eight global knowledge themes, eight skill areas and eight values questions. Skills and values questions are intended to be developed through exploring the knowledge themes. There are also four lenses through which schools can approach these outcomes

Read here more detail on the specific knowledge, skills and values contained within the global learning pupil outcomes.

These outcomes are not exhaustive, but are a guide to the sort of activities and approaches the GLP is promoting.

Using the GLP pupil outcomes

The content of the pupil outcomes can support teachers to design activities and approaches to help achieve them. This could be:

  1. across the whole school – as outlined in the GLP Whole School Framework
  2. within the curriculum – supported through the GLP curriculum frameworks