Global Learning Programme

Ambassador visits

Many of your pupils may wish to explore their interest in global learning as they progress through school and through further study at university. There are many different courses that may be wholly or partly focused on development or global issues, including development studies, economics, geography, international relations, politics, etc. In addition, there are courses in areas such as education, medicine and languages, and vocational or skills-based courses that lend themselves well to careers in development.

If your pupils want to hear more about the opportunities in further study that are relevant to global learning you can book a ‘Development Ambassador’ to visit your school to talk about this and what it is like to study at university. This programme is an extension of the Royal Geographical Society’s Geography Ambassador Programme and you can select an ambassador with a particular interest, or area of study in development.

For more details about Development Ambassadors please contact the GLP at or call 0844 372 2126.