Global Learning Programme


What are e-credits?

E-credits are a system of funding for schools taking part in the Global Learning Programme (GLP). They can be used to pay for continuing professional development (CPD) courses and training run by third-party providers.

The GLP funding applies to Key Stages 2 and 3 only. All Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 schools taking part in the programme (except independent/private schools) will have access to up to £500-worth of e-credits.

Please also note that all CPD must be booked by 29 March 2018, and attended by 1 June 2018.

How e-credits work

Once your school has completed its Whole School Audit (WSA) your e-credits will become available to use. Your e-credits will be visible on your school’s account page.

You can search for courses and training that have been approved as suitable for the GLP on the CPD calendar. Once you have found an approved course or training that you are interested in, you will book directly with the provider and contact them with any queries about their course.

Once you have registered your school on to the programme, you will have five terms in which to redeem your e-credits against GLP-approved CPD. 

Find out more about all the options available for booking courses in or out of school, individually or as a cluster, on a fixed or flexible date.

Once your school representative has attended the course or training, the provider will invoice the GLP for payment, and the e-credits you have spent will be deducted from your account. No money will be given to schools; instead payment is transferred directly from the GLP to CPD providers.

GLP Co-ordinators will need to keep track of how many e-credits they have spent, as the amount will only be deducted from the total shown on your school’s account page after a course has taken place. If you book onto more courses than you have e-credits for (more than £500) your school will be liable to cover the costs.

A record of courses you have booked and attended will be visible on your school’s account page.

If you've already used your GLP e-credits you may be eligible to bid for additional funding. Find out how to bid for more funding.

Read through our e-credits FAQs for more information about booking courses and e-credits.

Please note that e-credits are not required to attend the network CPD sessions run by your local Expert Centre.

Learn about the CPD providers in your area.

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