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Equality and inequality

There are lots of ways the topic of equality and inequality impacts on development, such as the inequality between The poor and the rich (Philippines) © Roberto Verzo on flickrcountries and within countries; the inequalities between disabled and abled people, between men and women, etc.

Many young people take fairness and inequality very seriously and want to see a more just and equal world. The resources below can help pupils understand some of the causes of inequality and help them begin to tackle the difficult world of stereotypes and generalisations, which contribute to misunderstandings.

Recommended reading

The following links and articles provide useful background information to help you teach about equality and inequality:

RGS: Ask the expert: Dr Ann Le Mare (Fair Trade) Interview with an expert on Fair Trade, a political movement in response to the inequalities in global trade Global Wealth Inequality What you never knew you never knew – a 4-minute YouTube clip (see also accompanying article The truth about extreme global inequality)

Teaching resources

World's Largest Lesson and Gender Equality

Other useful teaching resources about gender equality:

For further teaching resources, browse through the following searches:

Other useful teaching resources about equality and inequality:

For further teaching resources, browse through the following searches:

Key Stage 2

Key Stage 3

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