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How are we connected to the rest of the world? Helping pupils explore these connections will go some way to explain Interconnectivity © caruba on flickrwhy development is not a simple matter. Our choices and actions have an impact not just locally but globally and often the impact is to the detriment of those living in less economically developed countries.

Thinking about food miles; where the components of clothing and goods come from; investigating the conditions of workers that produce those goods in other parts of the world; travel, trade and communications are all ways to begin to explore globalisation.

Recommended reading

The following links and articles provide useful background information to help you teach about globalisation:

Global Dimension: Globalisation Feature article exploring the issue of globalisation

BBC News: The BBC Box  BBC News followed a shipping container for a year to tell stories of globalisation and the world economy

Primary Subjects 3 – Engaging with Globalisation (£8 from the Council for Subject Associations)

RGS: Food globalisation Interview with Ian Cook, Associate Professor of Geography, University of Exeter, who is an expert in following global supply chains of everyday goods

Teaching resources

Useful teaching resources about globalisation:

World's Largest Lesson Industry, innovation and infrastructure page

A&C Black: If the World Were a Village  Primary resource imagining the world as 100 people, useful for maths!

BBC – GCSE Bitesize: Globalisation Overview of globalisation that could be adapted for younger pupils

British Council / DfE: GlobalEyes Key Stage 3 resources on globalisation produced in collaboration with students on the Global Fellowship programme who visited Brazil, India and China

Follow The Things: Classroom resources Teaching about who makes the things we buy

RGS: KS3 Teaching Tutorial on Globalisation Slideshow overview of globalisation

ASE / Tide~ Global Learning / ASE: It makes you think! – Global Food Market  Key Stage 3 resource exploring the reasons that year round food choice is possible

ASE / Tide~ Global Learning / ASE: It makes you think! – The worldwide travels of paper Key Stage 3 resource exploring why paper recycling a is a global industry

For further teaching resources, browse through the following searches:

Key Stage 2 resources on Globalisation                    

Key Stage 3

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