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In today’s world, people, places, economies and environments are all inextricably interrelated. Events have Like bricks in a game of Jenga we are all interdependent Biodiversity Jenga © Martin Sherman on flickrrepercussions on a global scale. The actions we take and the choices we make can impact positively or negatively on the quality of life of people in other countries.

Ways to explore interdependence in lessons can include researching the global supply chain – how is a particular product (and its components) made, transported and marketed? Pupils can reflect on the people involved all along the chain, and on what role consumers could play to improve the system.

Recommended reading

The following links and articles provide useful background information to help you teach about interdependence:

GA: Valuing Places A CPD-led curriculum development project which explores how teaching about places within Key Stages 2 and Key Stage 3 can develop pupils' understanding of global interconnections

Oxfam Thinkpieces: Education for an age of interdependence A series of short, provocative papers.

Teaching resources

Useful teaching resources about interdependence:

National Geographic: Global Closet Calculator An interactive game for Key Stage 2 that introduces the concept of interdependence by exploring how your clothes and accessories connect you to people and places around the world (this is for a US audience but can be adapted). Also try the National Geographic’s Interdependence and You activity (Key Stage 3) and Geography of a Pencil activity (Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3).

GA: Investigating Interdependence (PDF) A range of investigative activities for all key stages

RGS: The geography of my stuff and You are what you eat Key Stage 3 teaching resources on interconnections and interrelationships

Think Global: Connection detectives Primary assembly and activity kit exploring our global interconnections (£7.50). For further teaching resources, browse through the following searches:

Key Stage 2 - All Key Stage 2 resources on the topic of Interdependence

Key Stage 3 - All Key Stage 3 resources on the topic of Interdependence

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