Global Learning Programme

Pupil Assessment Tool – Quick Step-by-Step Guide for Coordinator

This guide is for GLP Coordinators.  Access our separate guide for teachers in your school who you set up to be able to run assessment sessions.

To access the Pupil Assessment Tool, make sure that you are logged into the GLP website (using your usual log-in details). Then go to the ‘My GLP’ tab and choose ‘My Pupil Assessment Tool’ from the list of options. This will take you to the Tool’s home page, with more information about the Tool. Click the button ‘Enter the Pupil Assessment Tool’ to access the menu.

Setting up a teacher in your school who wants to run assessment sessions:

First, make sure you have their full name and their school email address to hand. You can then set up the teachers from your Pupil Assessment Tool menu by clicking on the tab, ‘Set up new teachers to run assessment sessions’.

Fill in the details. You need to choose whether you give each teacher the power to set up their own assessment sessions, or whether you want to do this for them. (If you choose the latter, you will also need to forward them the results from their assessment sessions once the session has been completed by the pupils.)

After you click ‘Submit’ the teacher will be sent an email link, which they can then follow to complete the set-up process.

You can add additional teachers at any time. You can also edit the details of teachers who are able to run assessment sessions (using the tab, ‘Edit teacher details’) – which is useful for changing their email details, or their permission to set up assessment sessions, or to close their account if they leave the school.

Setting up an assessment session:

To do this, use the tab, ‘Add Assessment Sessions’ in the Pupil Assessment Tool menu and follow the instructions you will find there. (If you have given your teachers permission to add sessions, they can do this themselves – but you will need to set up your own assessment sessions.) Fill in the details and click ‘Add’.  Please note when you 'Add Assessment Session' you are asked to confirm you have read and understood the Research Terms and Conditions.

Once a session is added, the teacher will be emailed a link, which they can give to their students to access the assessment. (This will be yourself if you have set up your own assessment session.)  It can either be emailed to the students, or written on a board for them to copy.

You can also edit assessment sessions that either you or your teachers have set up for your school (using the ‘Edit Assessment Sessions’ tab).

There are two different assessments to run with pupils. Assessment 1 is shorter and some of the question forms are less difficult. Assessment 2 is longer and some of the question forms are more difficult. Assessment 1 is appropriate for pupils in years 5, 6 and possibly 7. Assessment 2 is appropriate for pupils in years 8, 9 and possibly 7.

Running an assessment session:

When your pupils click on the link they will answer some questions about their name, age and gender:

When they have completed these and clicked 'Submit' they will first see a screen containing information about the research project. Once they click the forward arrow ð they will then start the question screens, which look similar to this:

In each question they should choose their options, then click 'Submit'.  After they have clicked ‘Submit’ they should then click the right arrow at the bottom of the screen to move on to the next question:

PLEASE NOTE: Pupils must click 'Submit' on each question for their scores to be recorded.

Once they have answered all of the questions the screen will display a message to say that have done so. The pupils should then click on ‘Submit score and exit’:

Once they’ve done that, their scores will be recorded.  They can then close down the web page.  Please note - if they haven’t completed all questions, the results will be recorded only for those questions which they have answered.

Reviewing pupil assessment results:

Use the tab ‘Review Pupil Assessment Results’ to view the results of all the assessment sessions in your school.

The results of the assessment sessions show, for each session, the average scores and individual pupil answers.

Interpreting the scores:

Assessment 1

Assessment 2


Shorter and some of the question forms are less difficult. Appropriate for pupils in years 5, 6 and possibly 7.

Longer and some of the question forms are more difficult. Appropriate for pupils in years 8, 9 and possibly 7.


Maximum score: 100

Maximum score: 125


0 - 45

0 - 48

At an early level of global knowledge and skills

46 - 76

49 - 93

At a developing level of global knowledge and skills

77 - 100

94 - 125

At a secure level of global knowledge and skills