Global Learning Programme

Research Terms and Conditions for the Pupil Assessment Tool

Data gathered through the GLP will be used to carry out research into global learning in England. Data gathered through the GLP Pupil Assessment Tool will be analysed by researchers at the Institute of Education, in order to explore pupils’ knowledge and understandings of global issues at a national level. Pupil Assessment Tool data may be mapped against other data sources, for example the GLP Whole School Audit, Ofsted ratings, DFE data on school type, etc. Data analysis will look at large-scale patterns, so individual schools and individuals within them will not be identifiable. The Institute of Education will produce research reports and other publications based on the data which will add to the knowledge base on global learning and will inform better practice for individual teachers, schools, training providers, policy makers and the GLP team. Copies of research reports will be made available to schools via the GLP website.

Research carried out on data collected via the GLP initial registration, Whole School Audit and Pupil Assessment Tool complies with the BERA (British Educational Research Association) Ethical Guidelines for Educational Research 2011. In particular:  

Data from schools completing the Pupil Assessment Tool will be automatically included in the research unless notification is given by teachers to indicate otherwise. Schools/teachers have an obligation to tell pupils about the aims, processes and outputs of the research and give pupils the choice of opting out of the research. Schools/teachers have the responsibility to opt pupils out of the research if they so request. Please note opting out of the research does not affect pupils' ability to complete the assessment their data will be removed from the dataset at a later stage.

In addition, schools may wish to allow parents the ability to opt their children out of the research.

If teachers wish to discuss the research aspects of the GLP further, please contact: Otherwise, individuals and schools will not be contacted for research purposes unless they have ticked the relevant box in the GLP Whole School Audit about involvement in other GLP research activities.