Global Learning Programme


By engaging with the wider world, global learning helps pupils to develop their own thinking and to engage with a range of values such as tolerance, mutual respect, liberty and responsibility.

Ofsted guidance now includes inspection of how a school is promoting 'British values' so that their pupils can ‘participate fully in and contribute positively to life in modern Britain’.

In the following short overviews, the GLP has mapped out the connections between 'British values' and global learning through the perspectives of different subject disciplines.

They consider some of the key questions ​and​ debates within the different subject areas and identify resources that will support teachers with this area of work.

The Global Learning Pupil Outcomes also suggest in more detail how pupils may explore their own values through global learning, an approach that is also developed through the GLP Whole School Framework to support schools’ self-evaluation.

Teaching resources

Useful teaching resources about values:

How the GLP responds to school priorities such as 'British values' A perspective from Clive Belgeonne

The Global Learning Programme (GLP) and Prevent A perspective from the Association for Citizenship Teaching

‘British values’, character education and global learning: reflections and implications for GLP England A perspective from Rob Bowden, Lifeworlds Learning

'British values', global learning and the teaching of English A perspective from the National Association for the Teaching of English

'British values' and history A perspective from the Historical Association 

Citizenship in relation to SMSC, promoting 'fundamental British values' and associated matters A perspective from the Association for the Teaching of Citizenship

Geography, global learning, and 'British values' A perspective from the Geographical Association and the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)

Religious Education and 'British values' A perspective from the National Association for the Teaching of Religious Education