Global Learning Programme

Funding & CPD for Partner Schools

Being part of the GLP gives Partner Schools access to:

CPD courses funded by e-credits

CPD courses funded by e-credits are available from local and national providers. The CPD providers offer courses and training to support schools in developing their global learning.

A wide range of CPD is available, from inset days to workshops to in-school and online training. Approved CPD courses are listed on the CPD calendar so you can find something that suits your school’s requirements. You can also find answers to any queries you may have about your CPD options via our 'Guidance on booking your CPD' page.

The GLP provides funding for Partner Schools to redeem against this CPD in the form of e-credits. Schools get access to e-credits by first registering for the GLP, and then completing the Whole School Audit (an online questionnaire that collects information on your school's current global learning experience). On completion of the audit, a Partner School is given access to up to £500-worth of e-credits and also receives a personalised School Action Plan – providing guidance on possible next steps, customised to each school's needs.

The Whole School Audit and your School Action Plan will help you decide which CPD offers to attend.

In addition to funding for CPD,* the GLP provides free resources, curriculum and subject guidance, and support as part of a national network. Learn about all the benefits available to you when you sign up for the GLP.

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If you are a provider, please visit our Provider section.