Global Learning Programme

Local GLP network support

GLP networks are created to provide schools looking to enhance their global learning provision with opportunities to receive guidance and training, share best practice and develop links with local schools.

GLP networks are established in areas where GLP Expert Centres are present. Through their networks, Expert Centres provide GLP Partner Schools with a programme of free training and support.

How to join a GLP network

Schools can join an active network by registering as a GLP Partner School.

You may have already been invited to join a local GLP network by an Expert Centre in your area. If so, please provide the name of the Expert Centre when registering your school.

If you’ve already registered but are not part of a GLP network, you can contact to see which networks are available for you to join.

You can also find out which Expert Centres are looking for schools to join their networks by visiting the ‘Join a local network’ pages on our regional pages.

Find GLP networks in your area looking for schools to join

Register and join a local GLP network