Global Learning Programme

Free resource to help pupils reflect on the end of WWI and other global conflicts

As we approach 100 years since the Armistice was signed that began the end of the Great War, the Global Learning Programme (GLP) has brought to you a free resource to help you and your pupils discuss and reflect on three perspectives: 

Supporting the teaching of Key Stage 2 and 3 historygeography, citizenship and PSHE, this resource suggests possible classroom approaches – including critical thinking.

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The GLP has been helping teachers since 2013 to deliver effective teaching and learning about development and global issues at Key Stages 2 and 3. The programme focuses on knowledge, skills and values, and can be approached from various starting points or lenses, so may well link to some work that is already happening in your school. The GLP virtual twilight films introduce many of the key themes covered through the programme. You can access these and even more free resources by logging into your GLP account.

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