Global Learning Programme

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Becoming a CPD provider

The GLP aims to grow the market place for continuing professional development (CPD) around global learning and development education for teachers.

Partner schools in the programme will have access to up to £500 of e-credits to spend on training from approved CPD providers.  Read more about the process below or continue to the online registration form.


School CPD providers interested in having their courses and training approved by the GLP will firstly need to submit basic details about their course to the website. This information will be used to advertise courses on the CPD calendar.

Once this information has been submitted you will be asked to complete the GLP CPD Criteria Form with details about the content of your course or training and information about the trainers delivering it. This form is downloadable, and will need to be completed and returned by email. Once returned, the GLP will let providers know within three weeks if their course has been approved or not.

If a course is not approved providers have the option to work with the Institute of Education, University of London to make changes to their course. Or you can make the changes yourself based on our feedback. You can then re-submit the course for approval.

Payment procedure

Once a course has been approved it will be advertised on the CPD calendar. Teachers will book directly with providers who must upload a list of GLP attendees to the website within 10 days of a course running. This is a requirement to ensure payment.

Providers must invoice Pearson within 30 days of a course running in order to receive payment. Providers cannot invoice Pearson before a course has run.

Read through our FAQs on CPD provision.

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