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Pupil Assessment Tool

The Pupil Assessment Tool is an online tool to be used in the classroom and completed individually by pupils. This exciting innovation in global learning helps teachers identify priorities for teaching and impacts of learning on pupils in years 5 to 9. It explores pupils’ knowledge, values and skills in relation to global learning – focusing on areas such as poverty, development, human rights and citizenship that are identified in the GLP’s Global Learning Pupil Outcomes, the Pupil Assessment Framework for KS2 and the Pupil Assessment Framework for KS3.

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The Pupil Assessment Tool provides instant feedback for pupils and generates data for teachers on pupils’ learning in relation to global learning – specifically key learning areas in the Global Learning Pupil Outcomes. Ideally pupils should take the assessment twice within the school year, so teachers can identify the impacts of the global learning work they are doing with pupils.

There are two different assessments:  

Both Assessments have been trialled with schools as the GLP is keen to make sure they work as well as possible for teachers and pupils. We welcome your feedback on any aspect of the Pupil Assessment Tool.

PLEASE NOTE: Pupils must click 'Submit' on each question for their scores to be recorded.

The Pupil Assessment Tool also provides data for the GLP research team, which will analyse data at a national level to explore pupils’ knowledge and understandings of global issues. Download further information on the research and how to opt out of it.