Global Learning Programme

Reports & publications

The GLP includes a comprehensive programme of research and evaluation which builds a body of knowledge on global learning in the context of schooling in England. Through this, teachers will have access to an increased evidence base related to how development education might successfully support learning outcomes for pupils in the wider curriculum.

GLP Research Papers

Vikki Pendry (2018) Using global data in primary mathematics

Helen Lawson (2018) Primary pupils’ attitudes towards and understandings of poverty

Hilary L. Alcock and Linda Ramirez Barker (2016) Can global learning raise standards within pupils’ writing in the primary phase? 

Frances Hunt and Olga Cara (2015) Global Learning in England: Baseline analysis of the Global Learning Programme Whole School Audit 2013–14

Kate Brown (2015) Young people’s understandings of global poverty

Frances Hunt and Richard P. King (2015) Supporting whole school approaches to global learning: focusing learning and mapping impact

Douglas Bourn (2014) School Linking and Global Learning – Teachers’ Reflections 

Douglas Bourn (2014) The Theory and Practice of Global Learning.

GLP Innovation Fund Research

Ben Ballin, Ann McGuire and Laura Murphy (2018) Towards an understanding of the contribution of global learning to the wellbeing and mental health of young people with special educational needs. GLP Innovation Fund Research Paper no. 4

Margaret Lewis (2016) A study of a focused, critical approach to pupils' images and perceptions of Africa. GLP Innovation Fund Research Paper no. 3

Jen Simpson (2016) A study to investigate, explore and identify successful ‘interventions’ to support teachers in a transformative move from a charity mentality to a social justice mentality. GLP Innovation Fund Research Paper no. 2

Martina Heuberger (2014) ‘Worldmindedness’ and Development Education: A Teacher VoiceGLP Innovation Fund Research Paper no. 1

For details of or links to other relevant research outputs, please visit DERC’s research pages, which hosts links to its Research Paper series, the Development Education Digest and the International Journal of Development Education and Global Learning.

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