Global Learning Programme

Whole School Framework

The GLP Whole School Framework supports schools to achieve global learning pupil outcomes across all areas of school life. Evidence from best practice suggests taking a whole-school approach in this way will achieve the greatest outcomes across the school, and will support wider school improvement

The Whole School Framework has twelve criteria, divided into four key areas that relate directly to the Ofsted school inspection framework: 

Each of the twelve criteria is differentiated into early, developing and embedded stages to support progression. These twelve criteria are shown in the summary table on page 3 of the Whole School Framework document.

GLP planning process

The Whole School Framework is designed to be the centre of a plan-do-review planning process for schools.

To take your first step on the GLP, complete the Whole School Audit.  Please note you need to be registered and logged on to complete this.

Case studies are available of schools that have used a whole-school approach to support global learning, each one summarising how they have done this.

You can find out more about a Whole School Approach here