Global Learning Programme

Guidance on booking your CPD

What types of CPD are available?

There are a number of different types of CPD that you can access through the GLP:

  1. Pre-designed courses that you attend outside school – whole day, half day or twilights.
  2. Pre-designed courses that CPD providers can run within your school (to view these courses, visit our calendar of courses and select ‘In schools’ under the Location filter).
  3. Bespoke CPD support within your school (content and dates negotiable) – for groups of teachers, departments or whole-school approaches.
  4. Courses designed for your GLP cluster of schools.
  5. Online CPD support
  6. Conferences

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Who is providing the GLP CPD?

We have 160 providers who have courses approved, offering a variety of CPD to schools through the GLP, in different parts of the country. These providers have many years’ experience and a proven track record of working with teachers and schools in the area of Development Education and Global Learning. Many of them are the local Development Education Centres, others are national NGOs or subject associations, while others are small groups of consultants. You can find out more about the providers for each area on our website.

Most providers work regionally, usually within one or two counties, but there are also providers who work further afield and nationally. Some providers also offer courses online.

All providers have experienced trainers who work using innovative and participatory approaches to learning. Some providers have a particular special interest in certain development issues, such as conflict resolution, Islamic perspectives, human and child rights, environment and sustainability, while others cover a wider range of topics.

Can I liaise with providers?

Although many providers offer high-quality pre-designed courses that they have developed over many years of working with schools, they are also very keen for teachers and schools to contact them to discuss what CPD best suits their needs. The GLP is also working with providers to develop new CPD support in response to what schools and teachers are telling us is most relevant.

Providers are also keen to work with networks of schools. If you and the other partner schools in your area have identified a joint need, many providers will be happy to arrange to run either a pre-designed course, or develop a tailored course for your network. 

Alternatively you may have a clear idea of what your school needs and wish for a provider to come to run CPD for the whole school. This is also possible, and many providers have experience of this approach and recognise that this is the most effective way of working with schools to improve their work on Global Learning. This allows them to understand your school and its needs, and work with you over a longer period of time.

You may find on the GLP calendar a course or CPD offer in a different part of the country which you would like to book with your e-credits. If this is the case, please contact the provider and discuss the possible options. Some providers may have consultants who can run CPD for them in different parts of the country. Alternatively if there is sufficient demand a local provider may be able to develop something similar in collaboration with the original provider. Please also let us know if you have identified a particular need and are having difficulty finding the right CPD offer.

What types of topics are covered in the CPD offered?

There is a wide range of topics and ways in which your school can be supported through the CPD offered. The CPD calendar includes courses that:

You can also find courses that focus on:

What if I can’t find what my school needs?

If you can’t immediately see CPD that matches your school’s needs, discuss what is available in your region with your Expert Centre Co-ordinator and your Local Advisor. They will be able to point you to the types of providers who work in your area, so that you can speak directly to a provider and discuss either what existing provision they can offer or what they can develop that will meet your school’s needs.

How flexible is the e-credit system?

There are different ways of using your e-credits. You can spread them over a number of different CPD events or you can spend them on one particular type of CPD support. One-off courses are likely to use fewer credits than longer whole-school CPD support, and will vary in cost depending on how long they are, and whether they are run in an external venue, at the provider’s own venue or in school.  

You may find that providers offer a series of courses that you would like to book, but the total is more than your £500. Providers will be happy to take the e-credits in part payment. Similarly, if you negotiate some tailored provision for your schools, particularly any that involves working with the providers over a longer period of time, it is fine to use your e-credits to pay for part of that provision and to top it up from your own school funds, if that is necessary. If in doubt, always contact a provider to see what is possible.

You may also know of other schools that want to get together with you to book a particular course or negotiate some tailored CPD for them as a network. It’s fine for each school to put part or the whole of their e-credits as a contribution to the total cost. The provider will charge an amount of e-credits per school. You would then have to discuss with the provider how many teachers from each school can attend. 

Please be aware that providers operate on a 5-day cancellation policy. If you find that you’re unable to attend a course that you’re booked onto after this time, you should try to transfer your place to a colleague.