Global Learning Programme

Innovation Fund

The Innovation Fund is a GLP initiative to support research by school-based educators on a global learning theme. Its purpose is to encourage small-scale research to promote innovation in global learning, inform best practice and build capacity at school level. All Innovation Fund studies will be practitioner-led, with research support provided as necessary by the Institute of Education (IOE). The studies should respond to a set of research questions, use recognised research methodologies (in some cases, action research) and have a clear global learning focus, such as the impact of a global learning intervention on pupils’ learning. The GLP also provides a guide to carrying out a research project.

Why should you get involved?

You might apply for the Innovation Fund for a number of reasons, for example:

What do you have to do?

You need to produce an original piece of school-based research on a global learning theme. This will involve designing a research project, collecting and analysing data and writing up findings into a report.

What will the final report look like?

The final report should be between 3000 and 5000 words long and include a written account of the study and its findings. It should provide detail on: the study’s aim, research questions, rationale, methods used, the findings (in relation to research questions and study aim) and conclusions. It should look at the implications of the research for future studies. In addition there should be a one page summary of the report’s findings.

What can you research?

Your research focus is up to you, however, a number of possible ideas are suggested below:

Current Innovation Fund studies

These include:

What support can you receive?

IOE researchers will provide support to commissioned Innovation Fund studies. IOE researchers will also provide guidance and feedback at the design stage in terms of proposal development and the development of data collection tools. They will provide feedback and comments on at least one draft of the research report.

What happens to the research?

Most Innovation Fund studies will be made freely available on the GLP website to anyone interested in global learning. They could be used to support the GLP in terms of CPD, programme and resource development. They will be used to support teachers’ practice at school level. Some research studies could be developed into more formal publications.

What kind of funding would you be eligible for?

The GLP has a small amount of money available for Innovation Fund studies. Each study can be funded up to a value of £1000, with exceptional cases possibly getting higher amounts. Reworking masters dissertations can be funded up to £500. Successful applicants would be expected to sign a contract for the work, with final payments being made once the research has been finalised. In most cases payments will be made to the applicant’s school. 

How many studies will be funded?

The GLP will support up to 20 studies during the lifetime of the programme.

Who can apply?

Educators working in state-funded schools in England that have signed up to the GLP (this would most likely include teachers and SLT members). Some educators may already have formal research skills training such as that gained through a masters programme, but this is not a pre-requisite for applying. An interest in research and a well-thought through research proposal is more important.

What is the application process?

The Innovation Fund currently has an open call for applications. 

For further information on the research aspects of the Innovation Fund contact us at Or to make an application, complete the Innovation Fund application form and send this to Applications will be reviewed by a panel of researchers. Those considered most relevant to the aims of the GLP with a clear focus and methodology will be supported.